Unveiled: TV Spotlight on Captivating Seoul Attractions 2024

Here are Seoul attractions 2024 including the place that appeared in ‘HangoutwithYoo’! Here are my top 3 recommendations for things to do in Seoul that have been featured on TV.

From Taereungi, the foot of Seoul, to Cheonggyecheon, a relaxing place in the center of the city, facilities operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government are gaining popularity as filming spots for dramas and movies.

In 2023, 180 dramas and movies were filmed at facilities operated by the Seoul Facilities Corporation. This is nearly double the 95 filmed in 2021, when in-person activities plummeted due to COVID-19.

The agency manages 12 expressways, including Olympic Boulevard and Gangbyeon North Road, which are used by hundreds of thousands of vehicles a day, as well as 24 other urban infrastructure facilities, including Gocheok Dome, Seoul World Cup Stadium, Jangchung Gymnasium, Cheonggyecheon, Seoul Children’s Grand Park, cultural and memorial facilities, and public bike racks.

1. Cheonggyecheon

The most filmed location is Cheonggyecheon, a green haven in the center of the city and introduced by CNN as a representative tourist attraction in Seoul. Last year, dramas such as SBS’s “Escape of the 7,” MBC’s “Contracted Marriage of Ms. Ten,” and tvN’s “Marry My Husband” filmed major scenes here, and a total of 77 commercials and promotional videos for various companies including Samsung Electronics and Kia were filmed.

2. Seoul Children’s Grand Park

Next to Cheonggyecheon, Seoul Children’s Grand Park, a favorite spot for family outings, was cited as another filming spot. Last year, a total of 69 programs starring children, including KBS’s “The return of Superman” and KBS’s “Salim Nam 2,” and dramas, including SBS’s “My Demon,” were filmed in the park.

In addition, various videos with parking lots and shopping malls as backdrops were filmed in public parking lots (13 cases) and Seoul underground shopping malls (7 cases), while Seoul World Cup Stadium (5 cases) and Gocheok Sky Dome (3 cases) were used for sports-related filming such as soccer and baseball, respectively.

3. Underground Shopping Center

Recently, actor Kim Seok-hoon and others from MBC’s “HangoutwithYoo” filmed an LP shopping scene in Hoehyeon Underground Shopping Center, which became a hot topic. Seoul’s public bicycle service, “Daereungi,” which provides cost-effective transportation connectivity to more than one in four Seoul residents, has also been featured in many media.

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